File System Album Scanner plug-in: Folder structure regular expression UX improvement


Using a regular expression to define the folder structure (which is where artist names, album titles as well as release dates are retrieved from) is obviously not very user-friendly.
This must be improved. The end goal is likely an "editor" where the user gets help to compose the regular expression as well as see samples of it in action (to determine if it's actually working or not).
A first, easy, step is probably to (optionally) hide the regular expressions so that the "structure string" could look something like "<ignore>\<artist>\<release date> - <title>". This particular string would correctly handle a directory path like "G\Gabriel, Peter\2010 - Scratch My Back".
A second step is to provide some common naming schemes, to make configuration easier/faster in the majority of cases.
A third step is to have a "preview" window, which only retrieves a subset of the items in the configured folder, and renders them in a way that is easy to understand.
A fourth step could be to add some "analysis" part to the preview window, to make it easier to identify problems with expressions. However, I'm not yet sure exactly how this should work.